“Have A Sammi Kinda Day” Fund:

Creating opportunities to make children smile :)

The "Have A Sammi Kinda Day" Fund is a Non Profit Organization created in memory of Samantha Rose Theodore. Sammi's life was cut short in a tragic accident in October of 2013.


At that time, she was working towards a degree in Childhood Education to eventually reach her goal of opening her own day care center.


Sammi loved children and they loved her back!


She knew how important it was to spend time with them and how easy it was to make them happy. She also felt that some children did not have the opportunity to enjoy “life’s little pleasures” like attending camp, a prom, a concert or a sporting event. She knew someone needed to help, and little did she know that all along “that someone” was her.


We have created this Fund in memory of Sammi to keep her love for children alive by raising money that will be used to create opportunities to make children smile.


Sammi is the motivation behind this Fund and through us, the supporters and donors, we can create lasting memories for children.


Join us and let’s help children "Have A Sammi Kinda Day.”

Let’s put a SMILE on their faces like she always did!

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Our Board of Directors

Nancy McDonough

I’m Nancy McDonough, President and Founder of the Have A Sammi Kinda Day Fund, and most

importantly, Sammi’s Mom.  Sammi was taken from us very unexpectedly as a result of a car accident. 

As I reflected on my time with Samantha, I kept reliving our conversations where she would talk to me about how many children did not have the means to engage in a variety of activities because of the cost.   She would say “Ma someone has to do something about this.  Someone has to help these children, these kids in our own back yards”.  As I turned my focus toward starting this fund I knew immediately I would name it the “Have A Sammi Kinda Day Fund” as that is what I would say to Sammi in the morning when I dropped her off at school or we said goodbye.  This fund is twofold to me, it will help children in a variety of ways and it will help me keep my daughters memory alive.

Board Chairman


Tracey Cataldo

Vice Chairman

My name is Tracey Cataldo.  I’ve been a close friend of the family for many years.  I’ve watched Sammi grow

into a fascinating beautiful young lady who I admired, loved and who touched so many hearts during her life.  

As a member of the Board of Directors for the “Have a Sammi Kinda Day” fund:

I feel, honored and proud, to serve on this team.  We, the Board of Directors and all participants of this team, want to continue her legacy in making children smile.  Sammi was a treasure to many children, friends, and family.  She adored children and with her natural warmth and love, she knew how to make them happy.  This was her extraordinary gift. She has touched so many lives, and so many children. I want this fund to provide the opportunities that Sammi would have wanted for children.


Jane Norton


My niece Sammi was a very special girl with so much love to share.  The light she brought to this world was so bright and even though she is no longer with us her light continues to shine.   It remains in all of us that were lucky enough to know her.  We can make sure her light continues to shine by living the way she did. I hope by being involved in the HASKD Fund we can bring smiles to children’s faces;  because that is what she would be doing if she were still with us.


Bridget Giglio


Hello my name is Bridget Giglio. I am a recent graduate of the University of Massachusetts Boston and am currently a registered nurse in a nursing home in Attleboro, MA. My role in the fund is co-secretary; I work with my mother to record the meeting minutes as well as any other pertinent tasks relating to the organization of the fund. As her cousin, it saddens me to see Sammi’s life cut short before she had a chance to achieve her dream. Being her mother’s daughter, I know she would have gone above and beyond in pursuit of her goal! It is well known that one of Sammi’s goals was to put smiles on children’s faces and that’s one thing we plan to help her accomplish. 



Anne Giglio


Hello my name is Anne Giglio. I am Sammi’s aunt and a 2nd grade teacher. My bond with Sammi is of admiration for her love and commitment she gave to young children. Her pursuit of a degree in childhood education was a step she took to help achieve her dream.  I hope that the HASKD Fund will let her dream live on and continue to share the love and commitment to the children she hoped to touch. My role in the fund is co-secretary; I work with my daughter to record the meeting minutes as well as any other pertinent tasks relating to the organization of the fund. I think of Sammi often and want to make her proud

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