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About Us

Keeping Her Memory Alive

Sammi knew how important it was to spend time with children and how easy it was to make them happy. She also felt that some children did not have the opportunity to enjoy “life’s little pleasures” like attending camp, a prom, a concert or a sporting event. She knew someone needed to help, and little did she know that all along

“that someone” was her.

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Our reason for being

We have created this Fund in memory of Sammi to keep her love for children alive by raising money that will be used to create opportunities to make children smile.


Sammi is the motivation behind this Fund and through us, the supporters and donors, we can create lasting memories for children.


Join us and let’s help children "Have A Sammi Kinda Day.”

Let’s put a SMILE on their faces like she always did!

Meet The Team

Meet The Team


Our corporate sponsors

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