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Our Impact

Your donation helps us to raise the funds to help children, who are in need,

experience memorable things such as:


  • Camp     Daycare       Proms       Education Scholarships       Sporting Events       Life Essentials

Trips to Museums       Aquariums       Zoos

and a wide variety of Events that are sure to bring a smile to a child

Plymouth North Dance Team

Student Receives Funds to Make Her Dream Come True

Thank-you and the HASKD committee for awarding Jackie the funds to attend the NATIONAL DANCE TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP in Florida. I met with Jackie after she received the fabulous news; talk about SMILES, hers was ear to ear! As a school community there are so many wonderful organizations, such as yours, that truly make a difference in young folks life's. Thank-you, once again, for making Jackie's dream come true and for supporting Plymouth North High School. Very gratefully, KEM


Christmas smiles were plenty

for this young family.

HASKD made sure that they had

everything they wanted

HASKD helped bring a needed smile to a young girl who lost her Mom this year. HASKD funded her upcoming school trip to New York City.

 HASKD sent two children to Summer Camp this summer. They both had Sammi Smiles for sure!!

HASKD sent two children to Summer Camp this summer. They both had Sammi Smiles for sure!!


HASKD helped fund a field trip for students to visit the Berklee Performing Arts Center.

note to Nancy.webp

HASKD helped sponsor the

Frolio Middle School trip to Philadelphia.


HASKD delivers Christmas Smiles for a Family devastated by fire...

Victims of a house fire in New Bedford lost their home and belongings right before Christmas.


A friend contacted HASKD to help bring a smile to the children after a very devastating trauma.

HASKD was happy to provide gift cards to replace all the lost Christmas presents and help bring a Sammi Kinda Day to this family.


Our corporate sponsors

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